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Where To Get Parts???


Speedworks Sdn Bhd

Lot,2,Lorong 227B/51A,46100 P.J,Selangor Malaysia.

Email :

Part For Kancil/Mira Turbo :

K&N Air Filter Injection Kit - Rm 480.00

K&N Injection Kit Heat Shield - Rm 280.00

Hot Bits Stainless Steel Turbo Exhaust System - Rm 1300.00

Apex'i AVC-R Boost Controller - Rm 2,030.00

Apex'i AFC Super - Rm 1,330.00

Apex'i Blow Off Valve - Rm 780.00 with installation

Apex'i Boost Meter and Exhaust Temp. Meter with Pillar Housing - Rm 1,815.00

Hot bits Coil Springs-Lowered 35mm - Rm 672.00

Strut Bar -Front - Rm 202.00

AXT Discs Front - Cross Drilled & Slotted/2 Sets - Rm 900.00

Omori Meter Co.LTD,Tokyo,Japan

Sole Agen In Malaysia : Michael Pang (Sabah)

e-mail :

Part :

52mm Turbo Meter MCO-116-AZ-Standard Green Light - Rm 436.48

Custom Made Red Light - Rm 464.48

52mm Boost Meter MB-116-AZ-Standard Green Light - Rm 394.24

Custom Made Red Light - Rm 422.24

52mm Meter Hood P110(Single Meter) - Rm 42.24 each.

52mm Meter Hoods/Triple Meter -Rm71.00

52mm Exhaust Meter -Rm 600.00

52mm Mechanical Oil Pressure Meter c/w P281 Braided Hose 5ft - Rm 336.80

52mm Volt Meter - Rm 299.90

Bumi Fibreglass Malaysia Sdn.Bhd

Lot 3,Jalan 51A/227C,P.J(Near Speedworks)

Tel : 03-7565575

Services :

Expert On All Kinds Of Custom Made Fibreglass Product likes Bodykits,Side Skirting,Motorcycle Firing,Bumper,etc.

Kim Chuan Service Center

No.190,Kawasan 18,Jalan Kapar,Klang.

Services :

Specialists for Carburettor,Fuel Injection Servicing.

Powertech Automart Sdn.Bhd

Taman Seri Gombak,K.L

Tel : 03-6842320

Part :

Selling All Part For Kancil and Mira Like's Sport Spring,Strut Bar,Lower Arms Bar,Sport Filters,Rims,Extractor,Exhaust System,ABS Systems,Suspension System,Bodykits,Fibreglass Bumper,Front Skirting,Side Skirting,Alarm and etc.


Auto Wreckers :

There's many wreckers company in Kuala Lumpur,but only certain wreckers expert in mira's part,so you must directly go to this wreckers :

Ulu Kelang(Near Bukit Antarabangsa)

Only nice,still can bargain.

Part Prices :

Mira TR-XX Avanzato L200S Half-Cut - Rm 3000.00

Moderno(Non-Turbo Mira)Rear Bonnet c/w Bumper and Tail Light - Rm 1000.00(Can Trade-In)

L200S TR-XX Avanzato Rear Bonnet and Bumper - Rm 1000.00+++

Jaya Resources Autorec

Nice and friendly too,but cannot bargain.

Lot 1,Jalan 4/148A,Taman Sungai Besi,Industrial Park.

Tel : 03-7839892

Part Prices :

Mira TR-XX L200S Half-Cut - Rm 3500.00

Mira L512S Avanzato-R4 Half-Cut (Latest Model) - Rm 5500.00

L512S Avanzato-R4 Rear Bumper - Rm 500.00

L200S TR-XX Rear Bonnet - Rm 600.00

L512S Avanzato-R4 Seats - Rm 800.00

New Feder Auto Part Sdn.Bhd(Near Pasar Borong Lama)

Very nice,but not friendly,the cheapest in K.L-can bargain


Part Prices:

Mira TR-XX L200S Half-Cut - Rm 2500.00(Can Trade-In Your Existing Engine)

Turbo Timer-Digital or Analog - Rm 100.00 to Rm 150.00

L200S TR-XX Seats - Rm 750.00 to Rm 800.00

L200S TR-XX Disc Brake(Rear) - Rm 1200.00

Syarikat Alat-Alat Ganti Motor Soon Tatt

No.32,Jalan Sibu 18,Taman Wahyu,K.L(Before Makro,Selayang)

Very nice and friendly-can bargain.

Prices :

L200S TR-XX Avanzato Rear Bumper - Rm 300.00

Mira(Non-Turbo)Front Bumper - Rm 120.00

TR-XX Ori Rims-Front 12" and Rear 13" - Rm 400.00

L200S TR-XX Rear Bonnet c/w Tail Light - Rm 600.00 - Can Trade-In

L200S TR-XX Complete Bucket Seat - Rm 800.00

L200S TR-XX Half-Cut - Rm 3500.00

There also many other part you can get from this wreckers such as oil-cooler,suspension system,meter,air scoop bonnet,big intercooler and etc.At Jalan Kelang Lama also have some wreckers that selling mira part.My advised is,do some survey before decided to buy any parts.

Please note that Mira TR-XX Fuel Tank is Different Form Perodua Kancil and also Mira TR-XX Engine used 2 different fuelling system.One is Fuel Injection System and another ones are using Carburretor System.

Bagi kau orang yang pakai kancil cuma nak convert bahagian luar,contact aku kat sini kalau takde member mekanik yang boleh buat sikit-sikit modification.Aku boleh tolong kenalkan mekanik yang boleh buat.Contoh kalau nak pasang L2 punye ori front bonnet sekali dengan air scoop,tapi nak masuk bumper kancil standard.......kau orang kenalah modified sikit.Lain padang,lain belalang,lain orang, lain mika punye citarasa.Ader yang suker buat luar standard tapi fully convert kat dalam.Biasalah...!!!!